Bringing Your CSR to Your Customer

As part of your Social Impact Strategy, your company is already leading the way and reducing your environmental footprint.  

 LivingOffset gives you the next step you need. Working with us you can now empower you, your employees and your customers to also tackle their own carbon footprint.

Most companies spend huge proportions of their communication budgets, telling the story of their invaluable CSR programmes.  LivingOffset offers you the first consumer led tool to bridge that gap.  Now, you can invest in CSR and communicate to your audience at the same time.

We work with our partners to find the best way for them.  Here are just some of the ways, that LivingOffset can help your business.

1. Bespoke Platforms

We can create a ‘white label’ version of the LivingOffset app, to which you can apply your own brand.

This would be exclusively provided to your own consumer base under your own branding and loyalty and rewards programmes.

It also allows you to select and promote the carbon offsetting projects that match your existing CSR Programme.

2. Match Customer Offsets
Your business is invited to match consumer offsets – as many or as few as you wish. In return, every consumer whose contribution you match will be advised of your participation. Your caring and generosity will certainly not go unnoticed! By spending $1,000,000 on the LivingOffset platform, you will reach a minimum of 20,000,000 consumers (based on the average take away coffee of 5c offset) with a powerful, positive message that shows you share their commitment to reducing carbon emissions, generating an instant level of the goodwill that was unimaginable until now.
3. Offsetting Your Emissions

Achieving climate neutrality should already top of the your business agenda.

Investment in understanding and measuring emissions, and improving processes and production will go some of the way towards reaching your climate change goals.

Offsetting will help you to achieve even more. Climate neutrality is becoming more and more important for company shareholders who are looking to you to show your commitment.

The visibility of the measures you take will impact on their investment strategies, and ultimately your share price.

4. Integrate Your Online Retail Offering

This is the move that can really set you apart as a business that cares. We can quickly and easily integrate our widget (or plug-in) into your online platform allowing your customers to make an offseting action when they are topping up their card – most likely on the checkout page of your website.

The plug-in can be configured so that the customer alone is prompted to offset, so that both you and the customer share the small offsetting cost, or so that willing suppliers to your business can also contribute to the offsetting.

It’s an excit- ing opportunity to build loyalty with your customers, while displaying your environmental responsibility credentials.

5. Monetise Your Actions

Reducing your carbon emissions reduces energy spend. But now with LivingOffset you have the opportunity to monetise these actions even further.

The GHG reduction you achieve, by energy efficiency can be validated (measured), independently verified and certified within LivingOffset.

These certificates can then be posted on the platform as a project.

6. Employee Engagement

As little as 15% of US employees are engaged in their job or the company they work for.  

LivingOffset is a unique platform that allows your employees to actively engage in your CSR programmes and the in doing so with the brand essence.