What Your Customers are Waiting For

There’s growing consumer awareness of the need to tackle pressing environmental issues such as climate change, and to do so sooner rather than later.

At LivingOffset  we recognise the significance role of societal purpose in today’s corporate environment. While it’s important to be participating in the right kind of programmes,  it’s also important to be recognised for doing so.  However, top line CSR policies are no longer enough for the consumer. They are demanding more societal purpose from their brands.  LivingOffset gives you a ready-made platform for showing just how seriously you take these matters.

Together we are putting the power into the hands of everyone who cares about our world, the launch of LivingOffset is the trigger for change and the start of a movement for both consumers and businesses across the globe.

How Your Company Can Work With LivingOffset

Match your customers’ carbon offsetting


Your business is invited to match consumer offsets – as many or as
few as you wish. In return, every consumer whose contribution you match
will be advised of your participation.

Your caring and generosity will certainly not go unnoticed!

Create a bespoke carbon offsetting programme


We can create a ‘white label’ version of the LivingOffset app, to which you can apply your own brand. This would be exclusively provided to your own consumer
base under your own branding and loyalty and rewards programmes.

Integrate our “Carbon-Offset” widget
into your online shop


We can quickly and easily integrate our widget (or plug-in) into online
e-commerce platform – right at the checkout page of your website.


Offsetting your own company’s carbon emissions


If achieving climate neutrality is not already top of the your business agenda,
it soon will be.  For most companies, investment in understanding and measuring emissions, and improving processes and production will go some of the
way towards reaching their goal. Offsetting will help them to achieve even more.

Why Now?


  • Climate change is a serious problem for us all with huge and justifiable media attention.
  • There is a growing global momentum for climate change mitigation actions.
  • There is increasing awareness of the difference offsetting makes to climate mitigation actions.
  • The impact of these actions is more measurable than ever.
  • People are genuinely concerned and want to make a difference – for their own sake and for the sake of their children and future generations.
  • People power is demanding that ordinary everyday citizens are given a degree of in control. These people are your customers.

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