How LivingOffset Works

Step 1.

Let’s say you buy a cup of coffee. You know that producing the coffee has created carbon emissions.  Now, you can offset that damage with a contribution that matches the value of the carbon cost, 5c for a cup of coffee.

Step 2.

Your 5c contribution is matched with an equal corporate contribution.  Turning your 5c offset into 10c.

Just think, if everyone having coffee did the same… how quickly we could start to make a real difference.

Step 3.

All the contributuions go to projects that have proven to have a positive impacto n the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

And, you can track and verify that your money is going exactly where it is meant to go.

Built On

LivingOffset is built on Blockchain technology, so it is utterly transparent. You can track exactly how your offsetting is spent.

Offsetting Projects

You can choose the type of carbon offsetting project you want to help. For example, forestry projects or installing of solar panels, locally or in a developing country.


By partnering with businesses around the globe, every cent you contribute to carbon offsetting will be matched – doubling your offsetting efforts and doubling the positive impact.