How it works

You buy a cup of coffee. You know that producing that coffee has created carbon emissions. With LivingOffset you will be able offset that damage by helping a greenhouse gas reduction project with a voluntary 5c donation.
Next your 5c is matched with a voluntary corporate donation – turning your 5c into 10c.
And, just think, if everyone having coffee did the same… how quickly we could start making a real difference.
All these contributions go directly to projects that have a proven positive impact on the environment – the reduction in carbon emissions.
You can easily track and verify that your money is going exactly where it is meant to go.

Everyday Examples

Here are some examples of everyday activites, what the carbon cost is and how much it might cost you to offset them against a LivingOffset certified greenhouse gas reduction project.

Buying a Book

2652.8g = 22c

A Prepared Chicken Sandwich

930g = 4c

15km Bus Trip

70g = 2c

"How It Works" Animation

Watch our animation to get a better understanding of how the LivingOffset app works and how your contributions are used to fund greenhouse gas reduction projects.

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